Lucha Lords is dedicated to the chronicling of Luchadores, Lucha-Libre events, and Lucha-Libre art & culture throughout the Los Angeles Area and beyond. Luchalords is not a wrestling federation. Luchalords is not a fight club. Luchalords is your portal into the underground lifestyle, culture, and phenomena of greatest sporting event man has ever known... LUCHA-LIBRE!

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Propoganda: Lucha y Libertad

Lucha y Libertad poster by *lerms.

Photography: Vintage Lucha Libre

Photography by Theodore Vogel.

Photography by Theodore Vogel.

Photography by Theodore Vogel.

Photography by Theodore Vogel.

Photography by Theodore Vogel. Published in French Edition of Geo #150 (August 1991). Via Deadlicious.

Graffiti: Come on Lucha

Photographer saiOne took this image May 9th of 2009. Canon EOS 400D at shutter speed of 1/1600 second with F/8.0 aperture at a focal length of 33mm.

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Video: Hijo Del Santo Commercial – Monterey Bay Aquarium

This 30 second commercial was used to promote the Monterey Bay Aquarium. It features a dieing dolphin and our hero El Hijo Del Santo. He fights pollution, plays with kids and loves otters.

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Lucha Libre Spectacular 08/02/09

These photos were taken on August 2nd 2009 somewhere in downtown Los Angeles.



Graffiti: Blue Demon y El Santo / Lucha Kick

Random graffiti photographed by dea oshun in November 2008.

Art: Pop Mascaras

Mascaras warhol-esque via Rellez’s popart, 2009.

Art: Mil Mascaras

Marconi/Cloning artist mascara montage-collage, May 2008.

Art: Lucha Charge

Mixed-media illustration by Caziman using pen-ink and photoshop.

Tattoo: Robo-Luchador

Tattoo photography provided by Sunnybuick.

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