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Culture: El Invencible Chlorophyllo

European chewing gum company Airwaves butchered the classic luchador movie Los Campeones Justicieros starring Blue Demon, Mil Mascaras, El Medico Asesino, La Sombra Vengadora and Tinieblas into a French ad campaign for a new Chlorophyll flavored chewing gum. If you haven’t seen the original, we here at LuchaLords highly recommend it. Blue Demon’s colors have been alternated to green as the chewing gum character El Invencible Chlorophyllo. Visit to see it all.

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Video: Ladders and Lucha Libre

Perhaps the reason why not many ladders are used in Lucha Libre. Please practice safe Lucha Libre and within a regulation ring.

Art & Culture: Lucha Piggy Banks

Luchador and Lucha Libre piggy banks are quite a common find in the shops of Mexico. Some kids even purchase them young in hopes of saving enough money to purchase their lucha outfits, customized and tailored to fit, in dreaming of becoming the next Lucha Libre Star!

Culture: Branding Místico-mania

Branded on many consumer products in Mexico is the espectaculo luchador Místico. Drawn in caricature cartoon-form, Místico is printed here on beverages and snacks, continuing the marketability of Lucha Libre to the everyday consumer.

Culture: Luchadores love puppies

Sportin’ the cover of DOG PLANET in MEXICO, Wagnermania or not, Luchadores love their canines as does the next wrestler. Una revista que es El Mejor Amigo del Perro. Pick a magazine featuring your favorite lucha libre icon and their lovable dogs.

Art: Super Blue Demon

Inspired by Alex Ross and Blue Demon. Pencil on bond paper. Artist Jesus Martinez resides in Long Beach, California.

Photos: ¡Lucha Night! 2009 Photo Albums

On November 13th Lucha Lords collaborated with the Weingart East Los Angeles YMCA for a fund-raiser in support of the Y’s families. The Lucha Lords had an awesome time and we can’t thank the audience enough for their extremely enthusiastic performance. As a token of our appreciation, below are some links to our photo albums. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

Stay tuned to the website because “¡LuchaNight! 2009 The Video” is coming soon!
Photos taken by Greg Keating. Click here to contact him.

Photos: Hittin’ the gym at the East LA-YMCA for Lucha Night!

Before the Lucha Night! 2009 fundraiser event for the YMCA, Luchalords gathered some luchadores to show them what they would be raising money for. They shook hands, signed autographs for the children, and got to know their community a little more. Pictured are Rey Lee, Carbur, and Super Mariachi


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Lucha Brawl – Lestat confronts Steve “I am the Best!” Pain

In this Lucha Brawl, Lucha Lords Lestat “El Guardián de Los Angeles”, answers Steve “I am the Best!” Pain challenge for a worthy Luchador. They wrestle it out somewhere in downtown Los Angeles Lucha Libre style.

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Lestat Lucha Lord Teaser

Lestat is arguably one of the greatest underground luchadores in all of the United States. This video shows why he is a Lucha Lord.

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