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Food: Deadlicious handmade chocolates to die for

Our lucha-compadres at Deadlicious, Handmare Rock n Roll Patisseries n Pies, have released a collector’s and chocolate lover’s dream sweets, Lucha Chokies!  Based in wonderful Paris, France, Deadlicious is a strange homemade culture, strange with a mix of rock ‘n’ roll.    You can order them from their big house site!  Sorry, they can’t ship to USA because of our food administration and customs.

They are working to solve this…. Slightly available now at

LUCHACORE at the Veteranos Del Underground Music Festival – Match 1

On Saturday January 23, 2010, Lucha Lords showcased the Lords of the LA underground Lucha Libre scene at the Veteranos Del Underground Massive Music Festival sponsored by Evoekore Media.   Special thanks to Clemente from Evoekore, Don Tonio from IMW, the luchadores, and all the Skacore, Punk, Psycho-billy and Reggae fans that attended the show.

Congratulations to Amanda whom was crowned Miss Lucha Lords at the show’s pageant.  Check back throughout the week as we post each match in it’s own album.  Our staff is also diligently working on posting videos for each lucha match.  Come back soon, you might even see yourself in the audience.

Below are some images of the first match, the 1st of 5.

Rey Lee VERSUS Carbur

Click on the image to view the gallery!

New Miss Lucha Lords – Amanda

The people spoke and we listened.  Amanda was crowned the new Miss Lucha Lords on January 23rd’s LUCHACORE Ms. Lucha Lord Pageant at Evoekore’s Veteranos del Underground Massive Music Festival.  Not only was Amanda honored, she kicked ass.  More photographs of the entire show coming soon…


Evoekore Media and LUCHA LORDS presents


Los Angeles Lucha Libre Action

on Saturday, January 23, 2010

Lestat   Steve Pain   Thunderwolf   Colossal Chris   Angel Excotica   Amanda   Dragon Mask   Wada   Sindarin   Blood Eagle  El Mecanico   Ciclon Moreliano Jr   Vintange Dragon   Asesino Geminis    El Huesos    Duende   Spiderkid     Murakami     Rey Lee    Carbur    Super Mariachi    Barrio Boy   Mike Violence    Jaque Mate    El Indio

Update: Click here for photos of the event. More updates here here and here

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Video: Lucha Brawl at Mariachi Plaza – Rudos vs Tecnicos

“Tecnico” Super Mariachi is jumped and beaten to a pulp by four “Rudos” Ciclon Moreliano Jr., Carbur, El Murakami, and Barrio Boy. He calls for help and his team of Tecnicos, (El Huesos, Lucha Machine, and Rey Lee).  Come for a underground battle royal on the streets of Los Angeles.  This video was shot in one take in less than 2 minutes.  Visit to see more lucha brawls.  Follow us on twitter to see the next lucha brawl live!

“The Bull Fighter” Music by Carne Asada
“Police Brutality” Music by La Resistencia

Lucha Lords presents: Lucha Libre at The VETERANOS del UNDERGROUND Music Festival

Presented by EVOECORE MEDIA… featuring LUCHA LORDS, bringing live lucha libre action!

Update: Click here for photos of the event. More updates here here and here

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Videogames: Street Fighter’s luchador, El Fuerte

In a mix of Japanese animation, video game combat and stereotypes, Street Fighter 4 tells the story of the Luchador Chef, El Fuerte, who battles in the fighting tournament of Street Fighter to collect the most ultimate of recipes to feed the best heroes in the world.

Art: El Santo Statues

Guaranteed to be “100% mas milagroso” than any other religious statue on the market. Estudio Zobeck created this sensational decorative art piece so you can worship your own lucha miracles. For sale exclusively at the eShop de Superluchas.

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Video: El Superbeasto

In his first full-length animated adventure based on the comic book created by Rob Zombie, Beasto and his super-sexy sister Suzi X must stop the unholy marriage of foul-mouthed stripper Velvet Von Black and diabolical Dr. Satan, or unleash all the sudsy powers of Hell! Featuring a horde of Nazi zombie bikers, seven original songs by Hard ‘n Phirm and the voice talents of Tom Papa, Sheri Moon Zombie, Rosario Dawson, Brian Posehn and Paul Giamatti as Dr. Satan in THE HAUNTED WORLD OF EL SUPERBEASTO! Buy the DVD at

Clothing: Dos Caras Hats

Borrowing from el espectaculo de Lucha Libre, 7UNION uses an embroidered graphic of a luchador mask (Dos Caras) as the focal point of their Lucha Libra fitted baseball cap. Made of a 65% Wool / 35% Acrylic blend, this style comes in five colorways; Tonal Black, Sky, Khaki, Green and Black. Available now at select accounts.

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